Client & Event Photos

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Spirit Ranch Schooling Show Series August 23rd 2009
Here are the photos from the August show. Apologies for the lateness!

Abby & Skeeter / Jack Russell
Alexis Rodriguez
Rachel Rodriguez
Charnie Disher & Bravo / Jelly Bean
Christine Perea
Elizabeth Lord
Rachel Courtright & Soul Encore

Couper family plus horses and dogs
Couper Family

Marianne, Alex & Sam
Alex's senior pics, as well as family portraits. Enjoy!

Spirit Ranch Schooling Show Series July 26, 2009
Here are the photos from the July 26th show. All are divided up into separate sections via last name.

Abby & Skeeter / Jack Russell
Holly Davis
Charnie Disher
Ashley Dunkle
Emily Hollis

2009 Spirit Ranch Schooling Show Series June 14, 2009
Although we have done our best to separate each individual horse and rider into separate sections, there are some that I cannot identify, so they are in the "unknown" folder.

Abby & Skeeter / Jack Russell
Aliyah & Bling
Charnie & Bravo / Jellybean
Two cowgirls - I want to apologize for not getting your name - but thank you very much for letting me take your pictures.
Sally & IBN
The very cute Jack Russell puppy!
Judi & Herbie
Natalie, Bailey & Lincoln
Black Percheron (Lucy I believe?)
Rachel Henley & Monty
The Gorgeous Retriever (Gracie I believe)
. The very cute Jack Russell puppy!
All unknown horses and riders - The horses and riders in this section did not sign a release, so I do not have any names for horse or rider. If you can identify yourself, I can put your photos in a separate folder.